Skiiers Embrace Weather

Meandering aimlessly through my classes each day, my mind often escapes the dull formalities of the classroom in favor of more stimulating fantasies. As I listen half-heartedly to my teachers’ droning lectures, I repeatedly find myself eagerly anticipating the afternoon’s imminent event—Recreational Cross Country Skiing. Once classes have finished, I run to the room, which has preoccupied my whole being all day, able to grasp at last my poles in my longing hands. I have arrived, finally, to Recreational Cross Country Skiing—a time for joy, a time for play, but most of all, a time for friendship. Gliding to and fro alongside my comrades each day as we ski around Siberia, a feeling of elation often settles inside me while watching the merriment visible on the face of each of my fellow members of this extremely elite athletic establishment. Allie Theriault ’09 and I, backed by the never-ending support of our skiing teammates, have received the distinguished responsibility of Recreational Skiing Co-Captains. Together we lead the numerous snowball fights, races, jumps and games of capture the flag that we partake in every week. The activities are, of course, amusing, but the amity and unity begot by these events are what truly ensnare us and keep us coming back for more. The powerful bond shared by the group is incorruptible, enhanced furthermore by our weekly subtle psychs—covert displays of solidarity so subtle that even you did not know of them until now. As I ski each day beside my friends and fellow Nordic enthusiasts, often braving the bitter New England cold to do so, my heart remains warm nonetheless. It is perpetually fed by the spirited, unbridled laughter and wide smiles of my fierce skiing companions. Although I deplore nothing more than retiring each day back to the storage room where our equipment is kept and leaving the lofty playground of snow that I so adore, I am propelled by the abiding thought that many wintry adventures lie ahead, just waiting to be skied, experienced, and undoubtedly enjoyed.