A Look Inside Student Council

Meet a small group of dedicated students, working for you. Student Council meets weekly to discuss issues relevant to the student body and the school. Malin Adams ’09, School President, said that he also meets separately with cluster presidents and administrators at Deans’ Table every week. Recently, major topics of discussion have included the new BlueCard system and sustainability issues. “Last week, we met with Maureen Nunez and Christopher Joel to assess the Student Council test of the BlueCard system,” said Adams. Members also voted on an Environmental Policy Statement. Adams hopes to send out a fitness center survey developed by the Student Council to all students next week. According to Adams, weekly Student Council meetings are open to all Phillips Academy students. “I try to make sure I always have an agenda, but we also have time for open discussion. Anyone who has a concern or issue can come and talk,” Adams said. He said that by having a specific agenda, the council can bring in administrators to talk to members about the issue at hand. Adams said that he has worked hard this year to improve communication between Student Council and the student body, but also within the Student Council. He said, “I encourage everyone to participate so that kids from every grade get their voice heard.” One of the ideas that Adams has been working on for this winter is the possibility of a Student Council table in Uncommons, similar to Head of School’s Table, where students would come to discuss current issues that the council has been working on. Adams emphasized that “there is no topic too small, no issue too unimportant” to bring up or discuss at meetings. This fall, Student Council implemented the new class advisor program, in which class representatives meet with a designated faculty member to plan meetings and events. Adams said, “[Student Council] worked with the administration to get every grade an advisor so that we could have students plan and run their own class meetings.” Student Council has also planned to revise the current 17-page student government constitution, which was written by an aspiring lawyer. Adams said, “The constitution currently is not being followed [due to its complexity]. We are revising it so we can abide by it.”