Look of the Week Morgan Healey ’09

As a PG from North Andover, Morgan Healey ’09 has already made quite a few names for herself as the theater chick, athletic girl and all around nice girl. However, in the eyes of many, Healey also exudes great style. Leave it to her to wear a classic piece such as a pea coat and make it contemporary by wearing it in a shocking neon color such as bright pink. She never tries too hard to get it right, and she sticks with the basics. The stuff that is no fuss and timeless works for her, and she seems very well aware of that. It should come as no surprise, then, that her style icon would be the iconic Audrey Hepburn, a woman who made little black dresses and strands of pearls the foolproof outfit for generations to come. “Audrey Hepburn is classic, sophisticated and timeless,” said Healey. “I like to think of my style as a mix of many different looks, from classic and preppy to trendy, modern and even a little artistic. I get inspiration from just walking around a city, looking in the windows and piecing together in my head which things I think would look cool together.” Healey always looks presentable and ready to take on the world in whatever she wears, partly thanks to her mom’s mantra. “I remember her saying to me once, ‘If you look presentable, then you will feel good. If you feel good, then there is nothing stopping you.’ I think this is very true. People often look the way they feel.” Healey never looks sloppy or unkempt, and her outfits are always coordinated. With such an ambitious mantra to live by, Healey almost makes it look easy. What is most refreshing about Healey’s style is that it is not over the top at all. In a day and age where young people are wearing either a hoodie and jeans or channeling M.I.A. by wearing crazy patterns from head to toe, Healey looks, as she would describe herself, “classic, creative, updated and individual.” She also dresses according to her mood. She has the ability to wear something that dates back many generations and still make it feel new wave and contemporary. A timeless piece of clothing never feels old—just reborn. Healey is one of those people that give new life to something that seems as though it’s on its last breath, which takes a certain creative genius that few can harness. Between her love of photography, theater, music and the great outdoors, it’s safe to say that Healey has a lot of inspiration behind her wardrobe. When asked if Healey would choose between trendy or classic, she gave quite a profound answer. “I think both classic and trendy pieces are equally important for developing a look. If you were to peek in my closet, you would find an equal amount of each.” Healey said. “The trendy, year-to-year styles keep your look fresh, fun, and colorful whereas the classic pieces are more of an anchor that keeps you from looking like someone manufactured your style for you. I think it’s important to find a happy-medium of trendy-flare and classic glamour.”