Boys Squash Overpowers Choate & Taft; Miao & Jalan Record Only Wins at Deerfield

Last Saturday, the Boys Varsity Squash team traveled to Choate Rosemary Hall to face two of their biggest rivals: Choate and Taft. The high-spirited team, led by Captain Graham Miao ’09, pulled off an impressive win by final scores of six games to one against both Taft and Choate. Rishi Jalan ’09 headed the ladder followed by Miao, Tony Zou ’09, Trey Meyer ’09, Kyul Rhee ’10, Anthony Chau ’09 and Andrew Hong ’10. Hong unfortunately suffered a painful leg injury during his match, which ultimately led to a loss. But the team persevered. “Kyul and Anthony played especially well and were the highlights of the event,” said an enthusiastic Miao. Zou won a thrilling close match three games to two. This week, the team went to Deerfield Academy to play a tough Deerfield squad. Last season, Andover narrowly defeated Deerfield four games to three. This year, Deerfield has some of the top players and is the new number one in the league. Miao and the team expected a very difficult match from Deerfield this season. During the week, a strong emphasis was placed on improving each player’s fitness and consistency. They worked exceptionally hard with conditioning games and were prepared to challenge Deerfield. “Playing simple and smart” would be the team’s strategy, said Miao. Though they put up a long and hard fight, Andover could not beat Deerfield and lost five games to two. Jalan won his game as number one on the ladder as well as Miao who also won an excellent match playing as number three on the ladder. Zou, who was playing number two on the ladder, lost an exciting match. He started off the match winning by two games to one and had a lead of ten to five in the fourth game. Sadly, he could not convert his match points and ended up losing only by a final of two games to three. Also on the ladder were, Meyer, Rhee, Chau, and Hunter Schlacks ’11. On Friday, Andover will be playing Groton at home, as the squad looks to rebound from Wednesday’s loss. Miao is very confident about the match and is expecting a win. “We have many players with lots of experience, and our younger players have lots of energy,” said Miao. The team will need this energy as they prepare to play an abundance of matches over the next month.