Commons Renovations on Schedule Despite Winter Conditions; Juniors Look Forward to Dining in Commons for First Time

Commons renovations are still on schedule for completion at the start of Spring Term, said Michael Williams, Director of Facilities. “Many items are nearing completion,” Williams said. “But finishing touches are needed almost everywhere.” Williams said that workers are currently installing cooking equipment, cleaning surfaces, painting walls and completing all woodwork. The new Ryley Room and the outdoor patio are both nearly finished. The construction workers are not worried about the weather in the coming months, Williams said. He added that the cold and snow will slow down the exterior work, but that the workers are prepared for it. The new loading dock has been covered to continue brickwork. Students, even the Juniors who have never dined at the old Commons, are excited about the completion of Paresky Commons. “The pictures are so cool,” Gabbie Cirelli ’12 said. “Everything looks so fancy.” Hyden Anziani ’12 added, “I’m just excited for the shorter walk.” Upperclassmen are also relieved and excited for Commons’ return. Andrew Townson ’10 said, “I’m glad that I get to have [the renovated Commons] my whole Senior year.” Girls living in Paul Revere and Day Hall are also anticipating the end of the construction. Hana Kim ’11, a resident of Paul Revere, said, “The construction wakes me up every morning.” Kim added, “I’m getting used to it now, but it starts at around 6:45 a.m. every day — including weekends.” Lane Lytle ’11, also a resident of Paul Revere, said, “I’m a heavy sleeper so the construction doesn’t really bother me, but I’m excited because [Commons] will be so convenient when it’s finished.” The construction workers have been working day and night to stay on schedule with the renovations, and students have taken notice. Charlotte Cleveland ’11 said, “A few days ago I was walking past Commons with a few other people at around 9:30 at night and the construction workers were still out. We were really surprised. We’re very grateful for the work they’ve been putting in.”