Look of the Week Hannah Lee ’10

Hannah Lee ’10 has a quiet voice, a penchant for scarves and the ability to look good in over-sized sweaters—or over-sized anything. Lee and Melissa Ferrari ’10, who was featured as Look of the Week in October, share not only a room and a graduation year, but also a keen eye for unusual finds. Both are blessed with the innate ability to create cool combinations of seemingly un-hip clothing that another person might never have thought of. That’s why it comes as no surprise that, when asked what inspires her style, Lee cited none other than her roommate Melissa and “metrosexual boys, old men with tortoise shell glasses and old leather backed books.” I can see how she models some of her style after the opposite sex; Hannah has the ability to wear menswear inspired clothing and still make it look feminine. She’ll wear a men’s sweatshirt with sneakers and add little girly flourishes such as a dainty pendant necklace or earrings. “I like perfume, and I like hot pink and clear orange lipstick, but not lip-gloss. I like Sam Edelman flats [a designer who makes very feminine shoes with some kind of punchy twist], and I like headbands and scarves,” Lee said. She never throws an entire look at you at once, which is an interesting approach. Her look includes the right doses of masculine and feminine elements, and her gift of balancing out the two genders within her style is something that many people try to do and fall short. Lee makes it look effortless, which is why you can’t help but love her style. When asked who her style icons are, Lee once again threw a curveball. Audrey Hepburn is one of her icons, a woman whose name is synonymous with feminine style. The others include The Virgins, an all-boy American indie rock group, and “Club Monaco employees.” At first glance, these three icons don’t seem to fit together. This eclectic mix of inspiration that stems from a woman who would never be caught dead in anything less than a cocktail dress, a painfully boyish indie band and employees at a large retail chain can only make sense when you look at Lee. She is the embodiment of all these things. She’s never too masculine, never too feminine, and you never quite know which side of the scale she belongs to. The fact that she likes American Apparel so much, a retail brand that is pioneering the idea of unisex clothing and accessories, makes it that much harder to put your finger on her style. She’s new wave and yet she likes things that are classic because “they never get old.” A simple answer, but nonetheless one that we can all agree with. Lee mentioned that cleaning out her grandparents’ basement shaped her fashion sense. She said, “My favorite things we found were a vintage Lake Tahoe t-shirt, a fisherman’s vest, a beige plastic purse and a knitted vest that’s now in my closet.” I love it, mostly because I don’t get it. Nor do I get her love of spray cheese and the fact that her spirit animal is an octopus. I think the best type of style is one that is quirky and makes you take a second look. And Lee is like that on the inside and out. The only category for her is “other,” and I couldn’t imagine it any other way.