Hey, Thanks

We complain. We complain about complaining.?We complain about the library stoplights, the daily schedule and the lengthened school year. We demand an online sign-in system, a state-of-the-art student center, a renovated gym and a better Commons menu. We grumble about hard teachers, “unbearable” workloads and Assessment Week. We’re spoiled. ??Let’s say something different this time. Thank you. Not just for our impressive endowment or our well-groomed campus. Thank you for the privilege to complain. We are grateful we can focus our attention on luxuries, assured that the basics are taken care of. ?? The world is in a chaotic state. Natural disasters and economic crises affect our home communities. But when we’re at school, there is a certain unacknowledged sentiment of safety. The heaters run in the dorms, Uncommons is filled with trays of uneaten food and need-blind Admissions remains intact. Our comfort and safety allow us to complain. We have the basics in abundance at a time when such basics don’t come cheap. Not only is Phillips Academy surviving, we’re thriving. Right now, that’s something few people can say – and it’s certainly something to be grateful for.