Expectations of and Responses to The Odd Couple

“I’m looking forward to seeing some awesome acting, and I’ve heard it’s really funny.” – Morgan Healey ’09 “Some laughs. That’s it. Some laughs! No changing the world stuff. Some laughs.” – Director Kevin Heelan on what the audience should get out of The Odd Couple “It’s a Friday night, the kids are in it… and because I’m participating in the Nutcracker myself, I think now I look at the students’ performance from a difference perspective. I’m curious.” – Teruyo Shimazu, Japanese instructor “Last night, [my son] fell down and hurt his knee. I hope that doesn’t happen. I hope that all the work that I know they put into it is reflected tonight.” – Maureen Gottfried, mother of Alex Gottfried ’09, one of the leads. “My favorite part was the breakfast scene—with the linguine. It was really cool, because I know a lot of the kids [in the show].” – Cat Cleveland ’11 “Thor Shannon was amazing.” – Caroline Gezon ’10 “I was very pleased with the way everyone was cast, and with the way Heelan did the show.” – Lily Shaffer ’10 “My response was fabulous. I know the play—Neil Simon is a wonderful playwright. I liked the set-up of the play, with the audience almost inside the play.” – Tim Mansfield, father of Sayer Mansfield ’10 “My participation in the Nutcracker—I shouldn’t even compare. I just look at the kids completely differently. Aren’t they so talented?” – Teruyo Shimazu, after the show “The plate shattered really, really well tonight. It was a big mess backstage. It went everywhere.” – Andrew Townson ’10 “It was one of the best [shows] we’ve done—a lot more energy. We definitely had a lot of fun doing it.” – Mollie Lee ’10, who played Cecily Pigeon “Last night was our first show and tonight was much more succinct.” – Thor Shannon ’09, one of the leads “I thought the poker scene was really cool, because even when people weren’t talking, they were still acting, and still playing the character.” – Margaret Bonaparte ’10 “When [Alex Gottfried ’09] threw the pickle and it exploded, some got on the girl next to me. That was kind of gross.” – Isabella Mascheroni ’09