Look of the Week: Sadie Daniela Pimentel ’11

Sadie Hawkins is an event that switches up the everyday norm; it’s one of the few occasions where girls must gather up the courage to ask guys to a dance. Although this semi-formal is slightly non-traditional, one thing remains consistent: you and your Sadie date need to look incredible. For this article, the spotlight is on Daniela Pimentel ’11. She and her Sadie date, Kyle Leahy ’10, made a cute pair because their looks balanced each others. Leahy, who wore the foolproof ensemble of khakis, a navy blazer and tie, looked more subdued than Pimentel, who wore a bold, paisley-print strapless dress in an assortment of blues, purples, pinks and reds. Yet somehow, Pimentel managed to be striking without calling too much attention to herself, a task that’s quite hard to pull off. In her everyday style, Pimentel pulls the same tricks as well. Her clothing never screams “look at me,” yet you cannot help but doing just that; it is girly with a hint of an edge. In terms of one specific everyday look, the Phillips Academy community knows Pimentel for the bows she wears in her hair. “I think a ribbon in the hair is kind of my trademark accessory,” Pimentel said. “Sometimes if I’m wearing boots, I’ll tie one in the buckle, or I’ll simply wear one as a bracelet with a charm or something attached. It truly is my signature.” Of course, to take a break from her everyday norm Pimentel didn’t don one of her signature bows for Sadie. I was curious as to whom her style icon might be, but Pimentel said that she “didn’t really have one.” While this situation is similar for many, she added, “I absolutely love everything the character Blair Waldorf wears on Gossip Girl…Although her preppy style is very exaggerated, some of the elements such as striped blazers with crests, bright tights and tons of headbands have made their way into my wardrobe.” Unlike Blair Waldorf, however, Pimentel’s style is never “very exaggerated.” It gives just the right dosage of girly and boyish, glam and subdued. Many of us try to achieve balance in our lives, but when it comes to clothing most people fall short. Yet even as a person who dresses according to her mood, Pimentel hits the mark. She said, “I tend to add more contrast and variation when I’m happy or excited, so the outfit ends up a bit more quirky and bright. When I’m in a less jovial mood, I dress more casually and lean toward neutral colors. On those days, I like oversized sweaters and things of that sort.” Judging by all the vibrant colors on her Sadie dress, Pimentel was in a good mood. The dress was anything but neutral and oversized. Perhaps Pimentel’s involvement in the arts reflects the quirky way she dresses. She said, “I love art—drawing, painting and film.” She’s also done several Drama Labs and looks to theatrical influences for her style. “I also draw inspiration from film and television,” she said. Her favorite movie is Marie Antoinette, a film critically acclaimed for the incredible clothing. “The beautiful costuming kind of inspires the feminine side of my style—like ruffled collar button downs and ribbons.” As far as Pimentel’s favorite fashion lines go, Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs and Lacoste are among her top three choices. These brands make sense because Ralph Lauren and Lacoste are known for their preppy attire, and Marc Jacobs is known for pushing the envelope every season. When asked if she preferred classic pieces to trendy pieces, Pimentel responded, “While trendy pieces are really fun, they are largely in the moment, and classic clothing can be worn almost anytime with anything. I do like trendy pieces though, as they add variation to an already established style.” Once again, Pimentel exemplifies balance—in her style and even in her response.