A/E Student Spotlight Andrew Townson ’10

Explain your outfit.?? The gorilla hat was the only thing I planned. I got it at either Marshalls or Joker’s Wild last year; I don’t remember. I love that hat, probably my favorite part of the outfit. I only wish it wasn’t five years old, and I wish it fit my head.? What makes a PA student want to dress up for A/E? I think kids dress up for A/E because we LOVE Andover, and we want other people to know how much we love it. Why do we love it? Part of it’s just ingrained. As a new Lower, seeing the midnight march and Orientation, it’s hard not to learn to love Andover. As time goes on, though, I realize other incredible things about this place… and it’s even harder not to love it.? Do you think doing so encourages either the crowd or the teams to perform better? Definitely. Seeing hundreds of fans dressed in blue and cheering for you gives you an unbelievable adrelinine rush, even in the stands.? Did the outfit hinder your A/E at all? (Was it uncomfortable, embarrassing, or irritating to have a gorilla on your head?)?? ?? The outfit was definitely not embarrassing. With all the Exeter kids around, you have to show them who’s boss. But also, it’s hard to be embarrassed when you love Andover. You just want other people to know it, and that’s nothing to be embarrassed about. If I was embarrassed, I wouldn’t have worn it. The gorilla hat did keep falling off, though, because it was too small, and everyone had to pull the string to make the arms move.? Do you think Andover students dressed up as well as or better than the Exeter fans? Andover fans owned Exeter fans. First, they only sent eight buses. That’s lame. Second, I’m colorblind, so I saw them as dressed in dark brown, and it wasn’t pretty. More importantly though, the Exeter kids clearly don’t love their school as much, but it’s hard to love Exeter, I understand where they’re coming from.? Can we expect another outfit, even more elaborate, next year (your Senior year A/E)??? You can expect another mind-blowing outfit next year. You better be ready for it.