Ronald Takvorian ’66

Ever since he attended Phillips Academy, Ronald Takvorian ’66 has wanted to give back to his high school. Now he can. This summer, Takvorian was elected to the Board of Trustees for a four-year term. Takvorian said he started doing volunteer work for Phillips Academy because the school “opened the world to me. It gave me all the tools to go out and be successful. It has always had a very special place in my heart.” “I loved Andover [when I attended], and have been a loyal citizen ever since,” Takvorian said. “Andover is an incredibly special place,” he continued. “It’s not just a school, and it’s not just for the years you’re there. It’s going to stick with you. It’s always going to be there for you. Even years after you’ve left, you’re going to meet people all over the world that you have this bond with.” Takvorian has particularly fond memories of building his piano talents through Phillips Academy. “Music has always been my avocation and passion. I was prominent in the musical community at Andover in my time,” he said. Even though Andover’s music program was not fully developed when he attended, Takvorian said the school paid for him to take music lessons at the New England Conservatory (NEC). Takvorian said, “The school saw that I had a talent with music and felt that it needed to be fostered. My parents were unable to afford music lessons for me, but the school, from pride of education, saw this was talent being undeveloped and squandered.” “Andover takes care of the entirety,” he continued. “At the time, [this opportunity] was quite unique and quite special. If they gave that to me, it’s very little that I give back in return. I owe everything to them.” According to Takvorian, students on financial aid had to work to “pay back” the school when he was a student at Andover. But the school allowed him to work as the piano accompanist for the school’s choir. After graduating, Takvorian served as a piano soloist at an alumni-sponsored performance with the Boston Pops Orchestra. He is currently on the board for the New England Conservatory and the Longly School of Music in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Takvorian is now a physician and resides in Concord, MA with his wife of 27 years, Kathy. They sent three children to Andover: Sam ’02, Kate ’03 and Sarah ’06. Takvorian believes that his training as a physician will help serve him on the Board of Trustees because of his experience in making important and difficult decisions about the funding of a patient’s medical care. According to Takvorian, Andover’s Alumni Council approached him to run for Alumni Trustee, and he was both “honored” and “flattered” by the nomination. “I’m just very, very happy to be on the board,” Takvorian said. “Each [trustee] has a story like mine, and each one is giving their time, loyalty and love to this place.” Takvorian has previously worked for the Parents’ Fund. He has also co-chaired the Senior Fund with his wife Kathy. In addition to being on the board at NEC and the Longly School, Takvorian serves on the board of the Concord Museum and works to provide housing for the families of pediatric patients at Massachusetts General Hospital.