King ’10 To Shave Head For Cancer at Auction

Lauren King ’10 will exchange her hair for donations at the Oxfam International Auction on November 15. Oxfam hosts an annual action with donated items ranging from homemade pies to gift cards. But this year, bidders can pay to have King cut the hair off her head. King plans to donate her hair to Locks of Love, a public non-profit organization that provides hairpieces to children suffering from long-term hair loss due to medical reasons. King decided to give the money she will receive from the auction to Guardian Angels, a non-profit organization based in Montana that raises money for cancer patients in need of assistance. This will be King’s third time donating her hair to Locks of Love. Mandisa Mjamba ’10 and Noelina Nakiguli ’09 will braid King’s hair before the auction, which bidders will be able to cut off for five dollars. Afterwards King’s roommate will shave King’s head. King said that her goal is to raise $5,000. She has raised approximately $600 from the Halloween Dance on Saturday and another $2,000 in pledges before the auction. “For each person who pledges, an anonymous donor will put up one dollar. So if one hundred people pledge money, then the donor will donate one hundred dollars,” said King. King said that she has wanted to shave her head for charity since the eighth grade, when she learned that people would pledge money for a charity of her choice if she shaved her head on Saint Patrick’s Day. After King’s grandfather was diagnosed with cancer, she said that she was eager to support the fight against cancer. King and her grandfather agreed that she would donate the money she raised to a charity he selected. King’s grandfather chose the organization Guardian Angels, which has been supporting him since his diagnosis. Alana Rush, Assistant Director of Community Service, said that Lauren’s presence at the Oxfam Auction will bring out even more patrons. “Lauren’s presence at the auction is going to help people make the connection between donating and actually making a difference,” said Rush. King said that she is looking forward to low-maintenance hair. She said, “I’m a little scared because I’ve never had [hair] shorter than an ear-length bob, but I don’t know. I hope it looks good, like Natalie Portman’s.”