George Ireland ’74: From Search and Rescue To Outward Bound to Alumni Trustee

Even though George Ireland ’74 did not initially enjoy his time at Phillips Academy, he gradually came to love Andover. Now, Ireland is returning as an Alumni Trustee. Ireland said, “I have always been a believer in what Andover has been trying to do and given back in all forms and fashions. I’ve done a lot for Andover and they asked me to become a Trustee and I said that would be great.” Ireland said his appreciation for Andover “goes back a long time.” “I was at the school for four years, and I won’t say all four years were the easiest part of my life, but the last two and a half years were a wonderful time in my life,” Ireland said. Ireland said that despite some initial “adjustment issues,” he eventually found a “great” group of friends and “great” teachers. Ireland became especially involved in Andover’s Search and Rescue program. “I was always interested in the outdoors when I was at Andover,” said Ireland. Ireland said that his interest in Search and Rescue eventually led him to work for Outward Bound for two years between high school and college. Ireland said that Andover’s American History and Architecture courses were the two best courses he ever took during his education. Ireland said that American History was his toughest class and the Architecture course “taught me so much about how to look at architecture and what to look for.” Ireland has previously worked for Andover’s regional associations in New York and Colorado and the Alumni Council. Ireland has also been an alumni representative for almost 30 years and was his class agent for 25 years. “[Working for Andover] has been very rewarding in terms of the involvement with old friends and new friends,” said Ireland. Ireland said that as a new Alumni Trustee, he brings over 30 years of experience in serving Andover as well as being a parent of a recent graduate and a Senior. “The importance of the Board of Trustees is to provide perspective to the Head of School in terms of the outside environment relative to the business environment and social environment we all work in,” said Ireland. He also said that his role in business and investments gives him a “global perspective in terms of Andover’s role in the world.” Ireland is currently a geologist and serves on the board for the Society of Economic Geologists as well as boards in industries in which he invests. Ireland has been married for nearly 25 years to his wife Lisa, and together they have three children, Kate ’05, Louise ’09 and Gus, who attends St. Paul’s School.