Andover Views of Exeter

Based on the turnout for [Andover/Exeter] games, I can see that our community is more into the rivalry. Our community is more energetic and spirited. -Ben Prawdzik ’10 I think that the Andover/Exeter rivalry is good. It makes people reach their limits and surpass them…I see Exeter students as another team coming over, nothing else. -Greg Blaize ’11 In general, I think Andover students feel that Exeter students work really hard for their grades [and] are less social… I like Andover because there is a certain comfort on campus. -Amber Quiñones ’11 I think Andover students see Exeter students pretty much the same—just a rival in sports… [The rivalry] is mostly just tradition because it has been going on so long. -Stephanie Moroney ’09