MC Spotlight: Morgan Healey ’09

During Grasshopper Night this past weekend, the MCs Mike McDonagh ’09 and Morgan Healey ’09 epitomized the event’s infectious energy. For many, Healey was a new face not yet seen around campus. She is a postgraduate from North Andover, MA who plays varsity soccer. Morgan now sheds light on her background and opinions on everything from ice cream to life as a PG. Q: Favorite ice cream flavor? Chocolate Walnut Fudge. Q: Favorite movie? Book? The Holiday and Ms. Congeniality; Catcher in the Rye. Q: Hobbies? Soccer, lacrosse, singing, playing the piano (11 years of experience), photography and theatre. Q: How is life at Phillips Academy? Exciting! It has been even more than I’ve imagined. I’ve only been here two months and it feels like I’ve been here forever. I feel like I have really clicked with a lot of interesting people with diverse talents here. The whole school is very open-minded, and the community expects a lot of the students. [The community] has a worldly view. Q: And as a PG? I think it’s really cool coming in [to the school] as a PG because you don’t know what to expect, as it’s a unique experience and something that most people don’t do. However, so far it’s been a great experience, something I’ll never forget and has already taught [me] so much and will hopefully continue to teach me throughout the year. Q: What made you want to be a Grasshopper MC so early in your PA career? Back when I heard what Grasshopper was, I had thought about being in it because I love music and theatre. Being new to the school, I thought it’d be a good way to get involved in what I love doing and meet new people. It was also a new experience to MC in comparison to acting. This new role was way more flexible. How it ended up working out was by complete coincidence. Mike [McDonagh] was talking about how he was looking for a partner one day in the library and it was ironic because I was looking for someone to MC with too! We got together [and] rehearsed… doing so was an awesome experience. I’m so sad it’s over!