Restaurant Review Chunky’s

Dinner, meet movie. Chunky’s is born. Chunky’s is a refreshing spin on the vintage American drive-in theater. Luckily for boarders, it’s only fifteen minutes from campus in Haverhill, MA and easily accessible by cab. Chunky’s is a great place to bring a group of friends to see a movie and grab a bite to eat. Upon entering the movie theater, you will quickly realize that Chunky’s is not a typical movie theater. The theaters feature remodeled limousine seats that can recline and move around on wheels. These chairs are arranged around tables that hold anywhere from two to eight people, and the rooms are a perfect balance between a restaurant and a theater. While the food is typical “American pub fare,” there is an intriguing cinematic twist to the menu. It’s difficult to hold back laughter while ordering a plate of “Love Me Tenders,” a “Kevin Bacon Burger” or a “Cornelius Chocolate Fudge Cake” for dessert. If you’re able to master eating during a dark movie, then you’ll be all set. While indulging in the fare, patrons can sit back, relax and watch a movie with friends. The majority of people visiting Chunky’s are young adults and teenagers. Therefore, there are always some age appropriate, good movies to see. Also, to please those sports fan out there, during the baseball post-season, Chunky’s is featuring free admission for Red Sox Games. Visiting Chunky’s would be a great way to enjoy a weekend game. However, it’s important to make reservations well in advance to guarantee admission. Movie tickets at Chunky’s are slightly cheaper than regular theaters, costing only seven dollars per person. The food is also reasonably priced. It might be wise to arrive before the movie begins to have more time to enjoy your meal. Chunky’s is great way to spend a Friday or Saturday night; for a place to bring a group of friends for a party or just for fun, I highly recommend Chunky’s.