Look of the Week Melissa Ferrari ’10

So there’s this girl that sits next to me in yoga class. She’s always very calm and content. In my opinion, she wears her heart on her sleeves, and her clothes reflect her nonchalant attitude. She has a very So Cal aesthetic to her, with trademark tousled hair and assortments of bracelets and skinny jeans. You can almost always guarantee that she’ll have her soundproof headphones either around her neck or on her ears, cancelling out the rest of the world. This girl is Melissa Ferrari ’10. Aside from having a killer last name, she also has killer style. Iggy Pop skull rings, Fillmore concert posters from the sixties, her roommate Hannah Lee ’10 and Peter Pan inspire her style. “I really wanted to be one of the lost boys in Peter Pan,” she says, “and since then I’ve never liked wearing shoes. Does that count?” Ferrari’s style is very simplistic, never overdone. She believes that people should wear whatever they want, regardless of what the latest trends are. Ferrari strikes me as a free spirit, considering the fact that some of her influences stem from one of the most rebellious times in pop culture. She believes in individualism and making your own mark, but even someone as laid back as Ferrari cites that there is one accessory she can’t do without. “My skull bracelet,” she laments. “It reminds me of good times.” Who else would equate a skull bracelet with “good times”? Her style icons are the Sex Pistol’s bassist, Sid Vicious and former Guns N’ Roses guitarist turned Velvet Revolver guitarist, Slash. “It’s embarrassing,” she says of her two style icons. Perhaps she has a penchant for creative names. Her love of art must also play a role in her style—she’s an “unofficial co-head” of Art Club. However, I do not know what to make of her love of fox hunting–I’ll leave it up to you. She’s a mash up of all things cool and left of what is normal. Case in point: when asked to describe her style in four words Ferrari remarked, “Kurt Cobain meets rhinestones?” Kurt Cobain was the front man of the iconic nineties grunge band Nirvana. Kurt Cobain and rhinestones? These two are very unlikely to appear in the same sentence—unless you’re Melissa Ferrari. Ferrari is consistent and says that even when she is at home her “style stays the same. Actually, most of the time I’m at home wearing my riding britches and boots.” It’s very likely that you will see Melissa donning temporary tattoos, or maybe you’ll catch her in the woods “carving wood or drawing coyote spirits.” In her eyes, the best style is one that is your own.