Before Upcoming Election, Rush and Students Spearhead Voter Registration Efforts

Ballots in hand, Andover Seniors get ready to cast their votes in the presidential elections this November. Alana Rush, Assistant Director of Community Service, has speared an effort to promote election awareness. “It’s very important for American citizens to vote, and one of the most exciting aspects about voting is voting for the first time,” said Rush. Boarders can register in Massachusetts using the Phillips Academy address. On Election Day, faculty members will drive rally wagons for students to vote at the Academy Manor Senior Center in Andover. Students who preferred to register in their home state could apply for an absentee ballot. A committee of faculty members and students has been helping Rush in the planning process for election events. Faculty members on the committee include Cindy Efinger, Director of Student Activities, Peter Drench, Chair of the Department of History and Social Science, Edward Rotundo, Instructor in History and Social Science, Paul Murphy, Dean of Students and Residential Life, and Hailey Folmer, Teaching Fellow in English. Students on the committee include representatives from the Republican and Democrat Club, Scott Dzialo ’09, Kaki Elgin ’09 and Daniel Glassberg ’09. The first event was a presidential debate party, held in Kemper during the second presidential debate. Students had the opportunity to watch the debate and register to vote. According to Rush, questionnaires were placed in student mailboxes to check in with students to make sure they had registered and encourage them to ask questions. Andover students can also participate in Votes2008, a mock election program for students that was started by Northfield Mount Hermon School. Philomathean Society scheduled a forum, titled “What makes a good leader?” – a student debate and information session, also sponsored by Democrat, Republican and Independent student organizations on campus. Election events at Andover will conclude with a results party on Election Day.