Students Present on Summer Experiences at ASM

As Phillips Academy students discovered during All-School Meeting on Wednesday, many of their peers spent the summer traveling, learning and serving the community. Jean Fang ’09, who last spring “through sheer determination and effort, has demonstrated the greatest desire to succeed,” received the Andrew Lorant Fellowship and traveled to London and Edinburgh over the summer to learn more about one of her greatest passions – theater. She started in London, where she took the time to learn about Shakespeare. Next she headed to Scotland, where she attended The Fringe Festival with the cast and crew of Jungalbook, last spring’s Theater 520 production. When Fang first arrived in Great Britain, all she knew was that she wanted to pursue her interests and answer the question, “What is theater?” But when she left, however, she realized that what she came away with was not the answer to her question but rather other life lessons – “let things precipitate out of chaos” and “live for now,” Fang said. While Fang spent her time in Great Britain, other Phillips Academy students traveled to India through a program called Niswarth, which means “not for self” in Hindi. The participants shared their experiences in India through a video in progress produced by Tessa Pompa ’08. One large focus of the group was to improve the living standards of a run-down apartment complex. The group successfully circulated a petition that allowed the complex to receive eight minutes of water a day instead of ten minutes of water every three days. William Thompson-Butler ’09 participated in an Outward Bound program in Marble, Colorado this summer and also presented. With adventures ranging from climbing ten mountains to camping outdoors, Thompson-Butler learned many skills incorporating leadership and met people from all different walks of life. Zoe Weinberg ’09, Executive Editor of The Phillipian, spent her summer in Senegal, West Africa. Weinberg worked for a small non-governmental organization that provided health and human rights education for rural villages.