Computer Center to be Renovated and Modernized

If the librarians thought that students made the library too loud before, they might be in for even more of a shock this Winter Term. The Oliver Wendell Holmes Library will soon join in on construction on campus when the Phillips Academy Computer Center (PACC) undergoes renovations during Winter Term. The PACC staff has partnered with the Office of the Physical Plant (OPP) to spearhead these renovations to give the space a “modern, inviting, energizing look,” said Valerie Roman, Director of Technology. Roman said that additions will include small group collaboration areas. She said that the design of the Main Lab of the PACC will have two collaborative areas that can accommodate four people. The lab will also have a table in the middle of the room with a cut-out divider for group or individual study. Roman said that the PACC staff initiated the project to replace 20 year-old furniture in the main lobby of the PACC. Several of the computers are over four years old and are due for a scheduled renewal. Faculty and PACC staff members met during an “information presentation” said Patty Ball, Technology Assistant. PACC staff members said that they hoped to improve walking paths and the flow of people. PACC staff members are considering the addition of another small collaboration area in Seminar Room 1 as well, according to Roman.