Alice Conant’s Phillipian Mix

Gravity Rides Everything- Modest Mouse If I could, I would devote an entire Phillipian Mix to Modest Mouse. “Gravity Rides Everything” is perfect for an (almost) mid-autumn mellow mood. Lucky- Lucky Twice Think crazy Europop club scene. WARNING: Complete chick flick. Electric Relaxation- A Tribe Called Quest Off the 1993 album “Midnight Marauders,” Electric Relaxation is an absolute hip-hop classic. Cellphone’s Dead- Beck This album, “The Information,” came with a sticker pad for personalizing the album cover. Plus, they worked with Radiohead’s producer, Nigel Godrich, on the whole album. “Cellphone’s Dead” is just a little taste of this awesomeness. Sausalito- Conor Oberst This past summer, something remarkable happened: for the first time in almost 12 years, Conor Oberst released an album under his real name instead of with one of his many groups or pseudonyms (such as Bright Eyes), not to mention that “Sausalito” is complete and utter musical genius. Furr- Blitzen Trapper I love this folk-rock Blitzen Trapper song. It really brings a sense of content happiness to the listener. Ooh Ahh- Grits “Ooh Aah” is a great song that you most likely know but may have forgotten about – it’s just here as a friendly reminder. California Stars- Billy Bragg & Wilco You can’t really go wrong when you have both Billy Bragg and Wilco. Mix in Woody Guthrie lyrics, and what you have is musical perfection. Pura Vida- Braddigan Love Dispatch? Love State Radio? Love Braddigan! This is Dispatch member Brad Corrigan’s solo project, after Dispatch’s tragic split. Though not as epic as the original, outstanding band, Braddigan is an excellent chip off the old brick. Soft- Kings of Leon Newcomers on the iTunes Top 100 list, this band had been brilliant long before making it mainstream. If both iTunes and I say they’re a hit, then you probably should be listening to them.