Alice Conant’s Music Mix

1. Time to Pretend- MGMT When my roommate and I were comparing new music discoveries over the summer, we both agreed that this song was one of the highlights. The first thirty seconds of “Time to Pretend” is now my ringtone, and the music video is one of the craziest, most trippy things I have ever seen. 2. Buzzin’- Shwayze If you’re an avid MTV watcher, you will recognize this artist from the new TV show Buzzin’ about Shwayze. I have never actually watched the show, but I definitely encourage you to listen to his music (it’s also really fun to say: “Shwayze”)! 3. Bucky Done Gun- M.I.A Her real name is Mathangi Arulpragasam. If you haven’t already fallen in love with her hit “Paper Planes,” then listen to this song. If you aren’t convinced after that, then please check out her clothing line and fashion sense–it’s all amazing. 4. Lovers in Japan/Reign of Love- Coldplay This song is so good it has two names. Learning how to play the piano part was my goal for the summer. I failed, but I’m still trying. 5. Lolita- Throw Me The Statue Vladimir Nabokov’s “Lolita” was 12, and Throw Me The Statue’s “Lolita” is 19. Both situations may be disturbing, but they also both happen to be the basis of two remarkable works of art. 6. Public Warning- Lady Sovereign I first discovered this song while perusing a fashion blog this summer. It definitely fits that alternative funky fashion music genre, but if you are into Lady Sovereign’s brand of music (which is relatively similar to M.I.A), then certainly check this out. 7. Earthquakes and Sharks- Brandtson As the weather gets colder and you begin to desperately miss the warmth of summer, then listen to this song that happily warns you about the dangers that accompany warm weathered places, namely California and Mexico. 8. The Weight- The Band I adore The Band, and was so happy to hear them sampled in Gregg Gillis’ most recent Girl Talk album, “Feed the Animals” (released this past summer). I hadn’t listened to this song in quite some time, but when brought back to my attention, I remembered what a classic awesome song “The Weight” is. 9. I Want You- Common Some of the lyrics in this song remind me of cheesy pick-up lines, “Addicted to your love, feel I need another dose,” and “Hope the stars and the gods align me and you.” Nevertheless, Common’s voice is mesmerizing and his music is always pleasant to listen to. 10. Singing to the Earth- Apollo Sunshine Not only is Apollo Sunshine an incredibly amazing, talented and entertaining band, but they are also from Andover! In fact, they just had a concert at the Town Hall two weeks ago. I advise you to start listening to their music, because they are sure to visit again soon!