Seven Things To Look out for in Andover’s New Faculty …as suggested by Temba Maqubela, Dean of Faculty

1. We have Taylor Washburn who is one of a few faculty children who will work with his father as an instructor in math and will be a house counselor just like his mother. 2. By adding Ms. Risuko Sullivan, we now have two Japanese instructors. 3. One of the new Assistant Deans of Admission will also become our new assistant varsity baseball coach. He comes with superb credentials and experience as a baseball coach. 4. We welcome back Dr. Chris Jones, who just earned his Ph.D. Talk to him about his research and interests. 5. Dr. Rick Feinberg, the new visiting scholar in science, is an astronomer of international renown. 6. Dr. Christine Marshall is a scholar from Harvard in neuroscience. 7. Ms. Tasha Hawthorne is an English teacher who is also in the midst of writing her Ph.D. thesis.