Modern Music Production Club

Andover’s Modern Music Production Club (MMPC) allows up-and-coming student musicians to record their music at a professional recording studio, all in the name of charity. This completely student-run organization focuses on three main principles: music, business and charity. MMPC will hold an audition for any student musician who comes up with an original piece in any modern genre, from Jazz to Pop to Rock to Hip-Hop. Jewels Enterprises Inc., a professional recording studio located in Boston, will record, produce and duplicate the accepted student music. MMPC will sell the CDs and donate their profits to a local charity. MMPC was formed in spring 2007 when Peter Ly ’09, Abi Pollokoff ’09, Kevin and Kyle Ofori ’09, Mike Siraco ’09, Isabella Uria ’10, Guy Puymartin ’09, Kim Kuoch ’09 and Scott Dzialo ’09 began getting together to help each other out with their respective music and found that meeting other musicians greatly helped their own musicianship. Co-head Peter Ly said, “We thought it would be really cool if a guy who is sick at piano and a guy who plays saxophone met and made music together, so we made a club.” This idea evolved into an official club in the fall of 2007, with a focus on charity. In the winter, MMPC sponsored a Guitar Hero competition and donated its proceeds to Habitat for Humanity. In the spring of 2008, MMPC began recording in the basement of Stearns with the help of John Gardner ’08 and released its first album, “The Blue Label,” donating its profits to Habitat for Humanity again in response to the fire in Lawrence. Ly said, “This year, with the backing of a professional studio, MMPC will strive to improve the quality of our CDs, raise interest in the club and become a bigger presence on campus.” Having already taken steps to achieve its first goal, MMPC will collaborate with other clubs to accomplish its latter ones. For example, MMPC plans to provide musical performances for Asian Society events for publicity purposes. To all new students, Ly says, “Students do not have to be members of the club to audition a piece for the CDs, nor to play at events. If there is enough demand, we are willing to implement workshops to help guide or teach members the music composition process. We would love anyone capable of bringing new ideas and inspirations to the club.” MMPC has come a long way in just one year, and its members are excited to see what new directive it will take on next.