Students Find Summer Employment at PA

Even after commencement bagpipes sound, some students will stay on campus working—not for classes, but in summer jobs—mentoring, giving tours or cleaning dorms. Students who have worked at Phillips Academy during vacations said it is a rewarding work experience, but a few of the day students said they would not consider working here during the summer. Mike Kaluzny ’09, a day student, has worked at Phillips Academy during vacations since the summer before Upper year, and has found the work enjoyable. “It’s so convenient to work here,” said Kaluzny, “because you’re not in a new place, you already know what goes on here around here, and the people you work with are people you see around campus anyway. It’s very easy to get adjusted.” Kaluzny also said the pay is reasonable. Tori Seman ’09, also a day student, said, “I would not work here during the summer, just because it’s nice getting away. It’s kind of hard getting completely away being a day student, but it’s definitely nice to get away from the Andover bubble and have a break.” Seman said jokingly, “If I could avoid driving though here during the summer, I would.” Last June, Kaluzny helped with dorm cleanup. All the cleaning must be completed between the end of the school year and alumni weekend when alumni stay in dorms. Meeting new people in the community is one of the benefits of working on campus, according to Kaluzny. “I did dorm cleanup, and [when I see] the janitor I worked with, we always say ‘hi’ on the path.” Kaluzny has worked at Phillips Academy during other vacations. “I did student calling over spring break,” he said. “You call alumni asking for money. I called some interesting people.” During winter vacation, Kaluzny gave tours for the Admission Office at the request of Vivien Mallick, Associate Dean of Admission. “That translated into a job during the summer,” he said. This summer, Kaluzny will be giving tours four days a week, from eight in the morning to three in the afternoon, with a half-hour lunch break. “Unpaid,” he added. Summernet, a peer-tutoring program for incoming Juniors and Lowers in Mathematics and Biology conducted over the internet, presents another job opportunity. Catherine Tousignant, English Instructor and Advisor to Summernet, said, “It has a dual purpose: to introduce [incoming students] to the kinds of work we do here at Andover… and to help them form a connection with someone who’s older.” Tousignant said the program also helps the tutors. “It gives them a taste of what it’s like to be a teacher… It’s an act of non sibi, having a job that’s about helping someone, fostering a sense of community, being welcoming…The new students look up to them.” Alex Gottfried ’09 worked as a writing tutor for Summernet last summer. “It was also pretty cool because a lot of the students I tutored, I now see around campus,” he said. Gottfried said working for Summernet is “actually a pretty big commitment, but it was worth it… I actually learned a lot about my writing doing it.” “The reason why I wanted to get involved was that I was a Summernet student and it was a positive experience for me. It helped me get adjusted to Andover’s level of writing,” he said. Gottfried has also worked for Andover Bread Loaf for the past two years and intends to work there again in this summer. “The Andover Bread Loaf project is… like a camp. Inner-city kids from Lawrence come in and we do writing workshops and typical camp activities with them, like arts and crafts, basketball… It’s a mentor type-thing,” said Gottfried. Rich Gorham, Head Wrestling Coach, House Counselor in Andover Cottage and a writing instructor at Lawrence High School, and Lou Bernieri, English Instructor and Football Coach, run the Andover Bread Loaf program. “It’s on the Phillips Academy campus, and it takes place in Underwood Room, and I was technically employed by the Academy, but it runs and functions independent of the Academy. But I did get paid by the school,” said Gottfried.