Seniors Pull Prank With Administration Help

Students walking past the OWHL on Wednesday morning were surprised by a large wooden replica of the Bicentennial Sculpture, spraypainted with the words “2008: Bigger is Better.” Later, at dinner in Uncommons, students, faculty and staff meals were interrupted with a Senior dance party. An anonymous member of the Class of 2008 involved with the planning of the dance party said that a small group of people created a very organized plan to throw the event. “The whole thing came about in only one week,” she said. She continued, “The nice part of the prank was that we were able to talk to some of the staff and administrators about plans with the lights without revealing what our actual intent was,” she continued. Before Wednesday, all Seniors received a small pamphlet in their mailboxes. The pamphlet instructed everyone to go Uncommons at 5:28 p.m. on 5/28 wearing their Senior class shirts. The source said that not many people knew why they were going to UnCommons so it was really fun to see everyone’s reaction. When the lights went off and the music started, a mob quickly formed in Uncommons. Glowsticks then were thrown to the dancing group, according to students. Another Senior prank was also carried out on Wednesday. The wooden replica sculpture had black spraypainted words on it pronouncing ’08 to be bigger and better. Sam Burwell ’09 said, “The [dance party] was funnier than the statue. They were just corny pranks.” “I expected something funnier especially from this grade because there are a lot of amusing people,” continued Burwell. Alessandra Powell ’11 said, “The replica of the sculpture was good because it was funny, didn’t hurt anybody and can easily be taken down. Foster Jebsen ’08 said, “I mean, it was a good effort.” Jebsen continued, it is difficult to do a really good prank because you are walking a thin line especially with Senior Probation. He said that these pranks were good because they were funny but didn’t “cross the line.” Jonathan Adler ’08 said, “I am sure the statue was a welcome addition to the campus. It is always nice when Seniors find news ways to have fun.” Regarding the dance party Adler said, “Again, it was an excellent display of class spirit and it was obviously the result of careful planning.” “Wild disco parties are always a lot of fun. I used to think Wednesday nights couldn’t get any better than breakfast for dinner, but obviously they can.”