Minor Dorm Remodeling This Summer

Several dorms on campus will undergo renovations this summer. Michael Williams, Director of Facilities, said, “Bertha Bailey, the biggest dorm renovation this summer, will undergo some localized reconfiguration, but not a ‘gut’ rehabilitation.” According to Williams, the dorm renovations this year are moderate compared to Johnson Hall’s major reconstruction last summer. This summer, dorms will only undergo minor interior configuration and upgrades. Bertha Bailey and other dorm renovations will start in June and be completed mostly in August, according to Marlys Edwards, Dean of Students and Residential Life. All summer dorm renovations will be ready in the fall. “There will be a small reconfiguration in Fuess and exterior rehabilitation to Double Brick,” said Williams. According to Edwards, Stearns will receive a makeover which includes new floors, ceilings furniture and painting. “A number of dorms will have minor work done, including painting and carpeting, to keep the dorms up and running. These dorms include Hearsey, Taylor and Foxcroft,” added Edwards. Edwards said, “We’ve touched on pretty much every dorm since I’ve been here. Right now, the dorms most in need that are slated for renovations are Stearns, Stuart, Stevens, Bishop, and then Bancroft.” Williams continued, “Renovations are based mostly on need and which dorms merit the most immediate attention. Another force that dictates change is the need to add more beds to our inventory of dormitories, which is what Fuess is getting.” According to Edwards, unlike the construction company in charge of the Commons project, small architectural firms execute dorm renovations.