An Open Letter of Apology

Dear Mrs. Chase and the members of the Crisis Management Committee, I am sorry. Last week, we rushed into the Chapel with a perverse excitement. Something bad happened, and we were, to say the least, eager. Rumors were flying from bomb threats to expulsions, but we laughed as we took our seats in the pews. Mrs. Chase sharply told us to quiet down, but we were unable to. Even after she announced the appearance of graffiti, suggesting imminent death to the community, Chase continued needing to ask us to calm ourselves and stop the constant buzz tangible throughout our pristine chapel. The chatter and laughter never seemed to end. And then there were the questions. Most questions were backed by arrogance, an air of “I am an Andover student, and I know much more than you.” We asked how the administration really knew this wasn’t a threat. We asked why we were not notified sooner. Each question seemed to only be asked to undermine the administration and to affirm ourselves. Each of our questions implied our sense of a certain ineptitude of the Andover administration. This is my letter of apology. I am sorry for our questions that seemed to question your decisions. I realize that there is a crisis management team that is constantly working hard to protect us. I trust that you know the best ways to deal with difficult situations. I trust that you have made the right decisions and weighted out all of the possible outcomes. I trust that every time we are called a “prestigious institution,” it is because we have more ducks in order than our well manicured Great Lawn and hefty endowment. Maybe this is a blind trust, and maybe I should be as cynical as my peers are. Maybe I should ask you pointed questions because I probably know a better answer. Maybe I should giggle through the explanation of a potentially serious threat. Maybe I should whisper to my friends as you try to break news to us that is far from comfortable. Maybe. Everyone else seemed to. Emma Goldstein is a three-year Upper and In-Depth Editor of The Phillipian.