The McCain Promise

As election day nears, it seems inevitable that the final presidential battle will be between John McCain and Barack Obama. The search for the best candidate is about to enter its most intense stage, and, to many, the best candidate is still unclear. One important factor in this election is the youth vote. Young people are turning out to cast their ballots in record numbers. Although Obama has profited greatly from his popularity amongst students, we should see McCain as the best qualified. While some of his policies may be unpopular, his leadership qualities and character are unmatched by any other presidential candidate. Obama is a great candidate, but it is not his time. McCain has devoted his life to serving our country; his patriotism, sacrifice, and love for America, while serving both in the military and the Senate, are a source of inspiration for our generation. McCain may be old, but his experience has brought him to know Washington politics in and out. After 22 years in the military, McCain has served as a Congressman since 1983, during which he has been incredibly influential and active. In 1996, Time named him one of the 25 most influential people in America for his accomplishments as a Senator of Arizona. Passed in 2001, the bipartisan McCain-Feingold Bill put limits on “soft money,” money raised through party committees, in campaign fundraising, an important accomplishment. There are critical challenges that our next President will face: our economy, climate change, immigration, health care and the war in Iraq. These issues all pertain to our generation. With McCain’s experience and knowledge, they can be dealt with effectively. While Obama may be brilliant, the first-term Senator is simply too inexperienced in national, let alone international, politics. McCain’s character and integrity have remained intact throughout his political career and as a candidate in this election. He stands by his true beliefs, despite their political consequences. He was one of the first criticize Bush on strategy in Iraq, but he continues to assert firmly his support for the need for victory, a stance that has lost him much support among independents. Meanwhile, his liberal stance on immigration has lost him support among Republicans. McCain’s firm stance and action against special interest groups controlling campaign finance further prove his integrity. The McCain-Feingold bill vastly decreases the power of these groups. McCain, as chairman of the Indian Affairs Committee, led an investigation, which resulted in the indictment of lobbyist Jack Abramoff and several corrupt politicians. McCain is running as a Republican, but throughout his career he has been bi-partisan in his maverick spirit. According to, McCain’s voting record during the first years of the Bush administration ranked as the sixth most liberal for Republican Senators, and McCain worked with several Democratic congressmen on legislation, such as the Climate Stewardship Act, on which he worked with Senator Joseph Lieberman, then a Democrat. Leadership qualities and strong character, and just policies, make a good president. Congress controls most of the power when it comes to passing bills. And as the public begins to realize this, it should elect someone who will inspire our youth with devoted service to our country, experience, integrity and nonpartisanship, all qualities that McCain exemplifies. Sebastian Becker is a one-year Lower.