Andover Falls to Exeter in Class “A” Consolation Game, 8-4

Treading in unchartered waters by Andover, the Girls’ Water Polo team competed in the Class “A” Tournament. Last Saturday, the squad faced the other three best schools in the eleven-school league. Despite its efforts, Andover fell to Loomis and Exeter, 17-7 and 8-4. After Andover’s exciting Wednesday game against Deerfield that won the team a spot in the “A” Tournament, the team was both excited but also a little bit worn out. “We have had such an amazing season, with only gaining momentum,” said Liz MacMillan ’08. At the start of the first game, both teams played strong, suppressing the score to zero-zero. But Loomis then began its scoring streak. Andover occasionally found an opportunity to shoot and score, but Loomis’s defense proved strong. “We pride ourselves on our strong defensive skills, but we could learn a thing or two from Loomis,” said Jill Kozloff ’09. Each new quarter brought a different mix-up of Andover girls in the pool. The Loomis-Andover game ended in a score of 17-7. As Andover regrouped, Exeter played Choate, and Choate won 11-2. After the second game of the tournament came the Andover-Exeter match. Andover had defeated Exeter twice in the regular season, but Exeter came to the game filled with determination and motivation. The Exeter girls started off strong. Andover, in an unfamiliar pool and depleted from its first game, did not show its best effort. “We did give it all we could, but in the end it just came down to who wanted it more,” said Janelle Driscoll ’09. Andover refused to surrender. But its efforts were not enough: Andover fell 8-4. “All and all, we were just really proud of ourselves in the first place for participating in the New England Championships. This was a great accomplishment in and of itself,” said Kozloff.