Andover Ends Regular Season with Dominating Win over Exeter

For the second time this season, Andover defeated rival Exeter Academy by a sweeping score of 5-1. Eliza Flynn ’10 played number one singles and had a very close first set. After being tied at 6-6 though, she persevered with a slight 7-6 victory. Feeling warmed up, Flynn took her second set more easily with a score of 6-4. Co-captain Lauren Wilmarth ’09 won her match in two quick sets. The score of her first set was a 6-2 win. In her second set, Wilmarth was down 0-2 but then came back to win again by 6-2. Belinda Ortega ’08 played at the number three singles position. After facing a tough 2-6 loss in her first set, Ortega rallied for a comeback in her second set. After being tied at 6-6, Ortega couldn’t pull through in the last game and fell by a narrow margin of 6-7, despite her best efforts. At the number four singles position, Carolyn Brown ’09 won both her sets with scores of 6-2 and 6-1. Both Arianna Van Sluytman ’08 and Elizabeth Kelly ’11 won their singles matches. ning her first set 6-1 and her second 6-0. Powerhouses Co-Captain Wilmarth and Flynn teamed up to play number one doubles. However, when they were tied at score 2-2, the match was called off due to heavy rain, and no more doubles matches were played, resulting in a 5-1 Andover will play at Interschols this weekend.