G1 & G2 Overpowered by Exeter for 2nd Time

Last Saturday, Andover hosted both Tabor and Exeter. Although crippled by the absence of Captain Victoria Brophey ’08, the team’s first two boats managed to finish second. Conditions for the race were difficult due to strong winds, and the course had to be modified for the girls’ first race due to rough water. Andover came into its race with a plan involving a powerful start and composure followed by smooth strokes through the middle 500 meters of the race. But the team failed to overcome a strong Exeter squad, and the competition won by a substantial margin in both the first and second boat races. Exeter’s first boat won its race with a time of 6:08.5. Andover managed to stay with Exeter longer than it had three weeks ago, but in the middle 500 meters Exeter took a substantial lead. Andover trailed by ten seconds, finishing a distant second with a time of 6:18.6. Tabor crossed the line much later in third with a time of 6:45.7. Exeter also captured the girls’ second boat race. With a time of 6:08.0, Exeter took the race comfortably, finishing over ten seconds ahead of Andover. Andover finished a distant second with a time of 6:20.0. Once again, Tabor finished far behind the leaders, crossing the line in 6:34.0. Exeter remains the only league team to beat Andover this season. Andover managed to start the race well, but its composure deteriorated during the middle 500 meters of the race. First boat coxswain Sardis Harward ’08 said, “This week we’re spending a lot of time focusing on what happens in our boats, instead of what other crews are doing. Hopefully this new level of discipline, even in rough conditions, will pay off at Interschols in two weeks when we come up against Exeter again.” Despite the disappointing finish, Andover did improve its performance over last week, and should improve more next week with the return of Brophey. This Saturday, Andover will host NMH.