Board Discusses Branding For Ongoing Capital Campaign

At last weekend’s meetings, the Board of Trustees discussed potential branding of Andover’s ongoing capital campaign. Tracy Sweet, Director of Academic Communications, said, “[Head of School] Barbara [Chase] gave a presentation laying out some proposals during a working session of the board. It was the first time the Trustees formally heard all of the proposals together.” Oscar Tang ’56, President of the Board of Trustees, said, “We talked about branding and phrases that might capture the essence of why we’re having this campaign, but this is really a work in process. It might take us another nine months before we actually come up with concrete decisions on that, but that also doesn’t mean that we’re not already underway.” “With each meeting more progress is made, but the Board of Trustees hasn’t come to any definite conclusions so far… [such as] approving an overall goal or individual priorities for different aspects of the campaign,” said Sweet. Sweet continued, “The bulk of the campaign priorities will be determined, hopefully, in October, though that is not a solid deadline. The board will see a more finely tuned set of priorities at the October meeting.” Tang said that another topic of discussion for the Trustees regarding the campaign centered on sustainability of the financial aid budget for need-blind aid. “Only one class has been admitted based on [need-blind], so the financial aid budget has increased,” said Tang. “But if you apply that to next year and the year after, that means that the financial aid budget will have to increase by significant percentages as each class rolls through. We don’t have the resources for that, so one of the key parts of this capital campaign will be to raise the additional funds for financial aid.” Sweet also led a brainstorming session this past weekend in search for a name and theme for the capital campaign. “We put plenty of ideas on the table. Hopefully, we will have some closure by this summer,” said Sweet. The branding process of the capital campaign is currently in an “open season” in that all ideas are welcome, said Sweet. Sweet added, “We are casting a very wide net right now. Our goal is to reach consensus on a name and theme that will take us through the duration of the campaign with great energy.” The previous capital campaign, launched in April 1999, was named “Campaign Andover: The Surest Foundation.”