Athletics Instructor Dolan Takes New Role in Dean of Studies Office

Kathryn Dolan, Assistant Director of Athletics, will leave her position next year to take on the new role of Assistant Dean of Studies for Advising. However, Dolan said that she will continue to teach P.E. and to coach sports teams. In the Dean of Studies Office, Dolan will be responsible for, “overseeing the advising program and looking over potential changes in students’ schedules,” said John Rogers, Dean of Studies. Elizabeth Korn, Associate Dean of Studies, said that Dolan will “make advising group assignments, organize the course selection process for new students, train and support advisors and chair the Advising Council.” According to Korn, the Advising Council receives requests for four-course and six-course programs, Independent Programs, and exemption from the Lower program. “It’s top priority is assessing and improving the advising system,” Korn said. Addressing her upcoming move, Dolan said, “I’m definitely excited. It’s a good change in perspective, something I’m really looking forward to.” The job of Assistant Dean of Studies opened up because Korn, who previously handled all advising matters, will fill the position of Registrar next year, which will be vacated by the retiring Herbert Morton. At the beginning of the year, “a number of well-qualified applicants applied for the position,” said Korn. Rogers said that one of the reasons Dolan was chosen was her extensive experience as an advisor for 12 years. The position of Assistant Dean for Advising has not been filled since Korn occupied the position in 2004. That year, “Margarita Curtis became the new Dean of Studies, and I moved into the office to oversee the advising program,” said Korn. At that time, the position was only part-time, and Korn also worked in the Academic Support Center. However, the job quickly became a full-time responsibility and Korn’s title became Assistant Dean of Studies and then Associate Dean of Studies, according to Korn. “We have brought back the position of Assistant Dean of Studies for Advising as a part of the reorganization of the Dean of Studies Office” following Morton’s retirement, said Korn. Dolan has worked at Phillips Academy for 19 years in the Athletics Office. In addition, she currently coaches three Varsity sports: Girls Field Hockey, Girls Hockey and Girls Lacrosse.