Top Two Boats Take First

Sunday, the Girls first boat won its race by over 10 seconds at the Lowell Invitational. Andover’s depth was clearly on display, as the team placed a boat in the top two in all four races. The Lowell Invitational took place on the Merrimack River in Lowell. It was a 1500-meter race from a floating start. Attending the invitational this year were several local private and public schools, including Hanover, Boston Latin, Lowell, Concord, Manchester Central, and Great Bay. Andover dominated the first race, cruising to a first-place finish, with a time of 4:44.2. Coming in second was Hanover with a time of 4:54.4, followed closely by Boston Latin with a time of 4:56.6. Lowell trailed by 10 seconds, coming in fourth with a time of 5:05.9. Concord and Manchester Central followed with a tight race for the fifth and sixth spots, with times of 5:10.2 and 5:11.5 respectively. Great Bay rounded out the seven-boat race, finishing last with a time of 5:16.3. The second race was more tightly contested at the front of the pack, though Andover once again came out on top of the six-boat field. Andover’s winning time came in at a respectable 4:43.6. Hanover finished second again, crossing the line at 4:46.2, three seconds behind Andover. Boston Latin trailed the two leaders by more than 12 seconds, finishing with a time of 4:58.4. Concord finished in fourth with a time of 5:02.3, followed by Lowell with a time of 5:11.3. Manchester rounded out the field with a time of 5:28.3. Andover showed its depth with its races in the last two boats. In the Girls third boat race, Andover came in second in a very tightly contested race with a time of 5:07.2, losing by just one second to Hanover. Andover was second in the fourth boat race with 5:23.8.