Jack Walsh ’08

Jack Walsh ’08 was one of many key contributors in Andover’s explosive offense this past week. Walsh recorded a three-hit game vs. NMH, including a three-run home-run. Q: Have there been any influences in your life that have really affected your game on the diamond? A: My coach from North Reading High. His name is Frank Carey, and he has been coaching baseball for 41 years there. He made me into the player that I am today. He’s basically taught me everything including technique and strategies at the plate and on the field. Also, he contributed to my work ethic. He’s one of those guys that says, “You cut corners on the field, you cut corners in life.” Q: Do you see any differences in the type of ball you played at North Reading compared to Andover? A: In terms of the level of competition, I would say that playing at both schools I have faced some pretty strong competition. The biggest difference in playing for both teams has been the skill levels of each of the guys on the teams. At Andover, I have found that every single person on our team has an extremely high skill level. Q: As a soccer and hockey player as well, do you think that being a tri-varsity PG has affected your experience at Andover? A: As a tri-varsity athlete, you get to meet a lot of different people in each of your sports. The relationships that people can build on a team are awesome. Going through the season together can really give all the guys an experience, especially when the team is such a great group of guys. There really are no negative effects to coming here as a three sport athlete. I just see it as another way to keep playing the sports I love for one more year. Q: Who is your favorite player to watch play on the team? A: I would have to say that my favorite players to watch are Bobby Farnham ’08 and Ryan McCarthy ’08. Bobby in the field is so much fun to watch cause of how he plays the game. And then McCarthy is great to watch at the plate. Anytime he makes contact, he always crushes the ball into the outfield. Q: How does it feel to come into the athletic program at Andover knowing you’re just going to be here for one year? A: For me, it doesn’t change anything at all. I didn’t come in here thinking I was going to goof around in any of my sports. It has really enhanced my experience playing with such a great group of guys on each team. Q: What are your plans for college? A: Next year I plan to attend Skidmore. I am going to be playing hockey there, which I consider to be my main sport. I would love to keep playing three sports, but I think that playing more than one sport a year in college would be too much.