Despite 11-7 Loss to Top-Ranked Loomis, PA Remains 3rd in League

Limited scoring opportunities proved costly against Loomis Chaffee. Andover Girls Water Polo’s four game winning streak came to a halt against the top-ranked team win an 7-11 loss. But Andover bounced back in its game against Suffield with an 11-6 win. The team’s second home game, the Loomis-Andover match was a big one. Loomis, currently ranked first in the league, brought its full force to Andover on Saturday. Although Loomis kept racking up the points, “it felt Andover’s strong defense and overall pressure, therefore keeping its first string players in the pool for the entire game,” said Captain Kimberley Chang ’08. The biggest difference between the two teams was the number of shooting attempts. Loomis attempted over twenty shots. Captain Chang emerged with four out of the seven goals on Saturday, retaining her reputation as leading scorer. “Despite the score, we played very well as a team. With the support of the fans, Ms. Efinger and the entire team, we were able to build our confidence and work together smoothly and sufficiently,” said Captain Caitlin Feeney ’08. Wednesday’s game against Suffield, started out very slowly. “Once we got moving our true techniques and talents began to shine though,” Jill Kozloff ’09 said. Captain Chang added “Our fast breaks were awesome! Those are what mainly helped us in racking up the score.” The team also noted that pressure passing and “man-up” offensive needs improvement. Andover’s next game is this Saturday at Deerfield. It will be a double-header against Deerfield and Choate.