Andover Finishes Second in Boats 1 Through 4 at A/E Invitational

Saturday, at the Andover-Exeter Invitational, the Andover Girls Crew team rowed very well, placing all four boats in second place. The Andover-Exeter Invitational features some of the best teams in New England crew. This year, on the girl’s side, Andover, Exeter, Brookline, Simsbury and NMH attended the invitational. Andover faced stiff competition against Exeter. The four races were very spread apart, with Exeter clearly proving to be the top team at the race. Andover came in at second at the races with times far ahead of the third place boats, but fairly far behind Exeter. In the girls’ first boat race, Exeter placed first decisively with a time of 5:11.5. Andover finished in second with a time of 5:24.5. Exeter once again dominated the girls’ second race. Exeter finished in first with a time of 5:28.4, and Andover finished in second with a time of 5:40.4. Brookline took third with a time of 5:48.1 followed soon after by Simsbury with a time of 5:52.1. Reacting to the loss, Captain Victoria Brophey stated, “Though the results from Saturday are disappointing, we’re going to use them as a learning experience. It is still really early, and I am confident that with enough hard work, we will be able to catch Exeter, as we race them twice more. This season is far from over.” Sunday, Andover will race at the Lowell Invitational on the Merrimack River in Lowell, MA.