Golf Snaps Losing Streak with Strong Team Play

After suffering a disappointing start to the season, the Andover Golf Team capitalized on its depth and short-game skills to post its first win of the season against Belmont Hill. The lighting fast greens at Trull Brook Golf Course proved too much for the talented Belmont Hill team as Andover cruised to a 6.5 to 5.5 victory. The conditions at Trull Brook allowed for some excellent scores to be posted that finished the matches early. Leading the way for Andover was Nicholas Koh ’08 and Ben Ho ’11. Both Koh and Ho played extremely smart golf as they earned 2.5 out of 3 possible points for their matches. Although the top end of the ladder helped secure an early lead, the lower numbers really earned the win for PA. Along with Ho, Wutae Lee ’10 and Will Lindsey ’10 were able to close their matches in seven holes to ensure an Andover victory. On Wednesday, Andover destroyed an unprepared Holderness team as the lower end of the ladder went out and ended their matches early. Numbers five and six Jim Ricker ’09 and Brian Russell ’09 blasted through the front nine in record time securing the lead for Andover. The winning score was assured as Lee and Jeff Abboud ‘08 followed with two strong scores. Although the lower end of the ladder secured the win for Andover, Ho and Koh battled throughout the whole nine with two very talented Holderness opponents. Going into the final hole, every match in the group was even. Ho, however, was in trouble after an errant tee shot and a pulled approach, Although Ho almost hit it into the Club’s swimming pool, he finessed a tricky pitch shot under the trees to guarantee halving his match. After Koh and Ho recorded 1.5 points, the final score stood at 6.5 to 2.5 in favor of Andover.