Editors and Club Presidents Pass Torches to Underclassmen

As Seniors turn their focus from studying to suntanning, they are turning their extracurriculars over to new student leaders. Though some clubs already have new boards up and running, others are just beginning to review new leadership candidates for 2008-2009. “A great majority of the time, it’s a pretty smooth transition from one board to the next,” says Kennan Daniel, Assistant Director of Student Activities. School publications generally have their board switch over earlier in the school year to ensure that new editors have support available if they need help. Alysha Sayall ’09, Editor in Chief of Pot Pourri, the school yearbook, assumed the position back in Winter Term after three years involved in the club. Sayall hopes to increase communication within the board and wants to encourage members to spend more time in the Pot Pourri room. Editor in Chief of Backtracks Tori Wilmarth ’09 hopes to create a more cohesive experience for the board as well as increase the amount of art in the magazine. Wilmarth’s goals include increasing readership and reaching out to new writers. She wants Backtracks to be something students can open and “never really know what to expect.” Jessica Cole ’08, former Co-Editor in Chief of The Courant, said she was happy to turn the board over to people who are “both passionate and capable.” “We received so many phenomenal applications,” Cole said. Louise Ireland ’09, the Co-Editor in Chief, was the former Arts editor for The Courant. She said she thought of her decision to apply for the position as “a logical step” after her position as Arts editor. “I love the magazine and the process we go through to create it,” Ireland said. Former CAFÉ board member Lydia Dallett ’08 hopes the new board will expand the organization and make it a “bigger presence on campus.” Recently elected CAFÉ board member Emelyn Chew ’10 enjoys CAFÉ’s environment. “[Students] can be open to express their views.” Like Dallett, Chew wants to expand CAFÉ. She plans on doing this by adding more publicity and hosting more discussions that “apply to everyone.” The Student Activities Board (SAB) also recently chose its new board members. According to Cindy Efinger, Director of Student Activities, only three of the 17 board members are returning from the previous board. The new SAB has already held its first meeting. “I think they work really well together,” Daniel said, after observing the first meeting. Scott Dzialo ’09 will succeed Dave Holliday ’08 as the president of SAB. “Being elected SAB president was a huge honor. Having been a photographer for SAB during the last year, I was able to do a lot on the board and enjoyed it all. It’s really nice to be able to continue working with the board for another year,” Dzialo, an Arts editor at The Phillipian, said. Dzialo hopes to bring new entertainment, including organizing more special dances, like the Gelb Dance, for the students to enjoy. “I feel like we will be able to provide fresh, new events on campus,” he said.