Jack Walker ’09

Q: How do you feel that playing a combination of sports as a kid has helped you become a better lacrosse player? A: By playing other sports, you learn so many different aspects that help make you a better player. First off, you become a much better athlete in general. Various movements of quickness, speed, explosiveness, and endurance become second nature. Learning to play on a team is such an underrated skill that is learned from a very young age through different sports. Lastly, learning how to handle myself on the playing field with class is a tribute to playing more than one sport as a kid. Q: As an Upper, you are the oldest attack-man. How is it playing with Juniors and Lowers? Have you had to step up into a leadership role already? A: It has certainly been a lot different stepping into this leadership role. However, this is a role that I am very excited about and truly wanted to take. To be honest, it’s the reason I play. I love competition, and having a lot of the weight on my shoulders with our offense has just motivated me even more. Q: How is it playing with your younger brother, Will Walker ’11 at attack? Do you think this extra chemistry makes the offense even more potent? A: We’ve played together since we’ve been kids. We always seem to find each other out there. Through the first few weeks of this season, I have been giving him a lot of pointers about what he is doing right and wrong. He’s been learning so quickly and really has been a great player for our offense and has matured as a player a lot faster than most Juniors do. Q: Other than the Andover season, how do you continue to develop as a player? Do you play in summer leagues with club teams? A: I have recently started playing on a new club team, called the Clams. This team is a huge part of my life outside of school and during the summer. We play against some of the best teams in the country, which is great for a team but also great for college exposure. Q: Who are your favorite players to play with on the Andover team? Why? A: I would probably pick Will, John Bukawyn ‘08, and Spencer Rice ‘09. Will, cause he’s my brother. Bukawyn because we just always seem to work well together out there. Lastly, Rice because we’re great friends he’s just such a great, reliable goalie. Q: If you could emulate your game after any professional or collegiate player, who would it be? Why? A: Mike Powell because he is a lot like me physically. He is a smaller guy but is extremely quick. I love how he just attacks defenders relentlessly. I even try to imitate some of the moves he pulls out there. Also, Powell is just such a great competitor, a quality I strongly admire. Q: Last year’s team was loaded with seniors. How did playing with such an experienced and renowned group of guys help you develop? A: Th0se guys helped me learn a lot about the game. I learned so much about positioning and the skills needed to succeed in the competitive New England Prep League. Playing alongside such experienced players who taught me so much about the game was honestly invaluable. Q: In contrast to last year’s team, this year’s squad is packed with underclassmen. What are your hopes for this season and your senior season next year? A: This year’s team is a lot more mature than our age would tell. We’ve picked up a few big wins this week and can definitely continue this momentum into the rest of the season. As for next season, we’re bringing back a lot of guys. Obviously there is a lot of potential for next season.