“Definitely a Fair Punishment”

What did you do exactly? I plagiarized two or three English assignments. I have a teaching fellow for English so he wasn’t familiar with the system. He didn’t catch me the first time I did it. After a while though, my teacher got suspicious so he went to the dean of studies. I don’t know if you know, but teachers can look at what you wrote by scanning it and matching it to online resources. Why did you do it? I struggled a lot adjusting, and English is not my best subject. Last year, the English at my old school wasn’t strong enough to prepare me for Andover. I received probation late fall term and had to serve it through winter term. What was the punishment? It’s definitely a fair punishment. You’re doing something wrong. After doing it I realized it. ?But what I did, it’s like, if you do it once, it’s uncontrollable, I’m glad that I received probation. I look at it as a positive experience. I improved a lot. I’m tight with my English teacher now. I wanted to do something about it. I’m thinking about what to do next. I talked a lot to my English teacher. ?For probation you go see all your teachers, coaches, and advisors. I talked to them and they [said they] will write good reports. ?This term compared to fall is a lot better, probably because I’m adjusting now.