Malin Adams ’09 Elected President

Malin Adams ’09 will serve as Student Council President for the 08-09 school year after besting candidates William Thompson-Butler ’09 and Lawrence Dai ’09, an editor at The Phillipian, in a Wednesday election. Thompson-Butler, who took second place, will assume the position of vice president and Dai will serve as executive secretary. At All-School Meeting, Thompson-Butler took the podium first and proceeded to speak about his earlier campaign with former running mate Trevor Gulick-Stutz ’09 and their desire to “defy convention.” Thompson-Butler mourned Gulick-Stutz’s absence from the final three candidates with a piece entitled “An Ode To Trevor,” in which the two as “white knight and valiant steed … wanted only to love, support, and represent the Big Blue.” After Gulick-Stutz, dressed in an angel costume complete with a fuzzy halo, arrived on stage to give him an awakening slap on the cheek, Thompson-Butler spoke with newfound enthusiasm, saying “I care too much to give up now,” and reiterating his platform. Thompson-Butler said his goal for the speech was to give the student body “a little flavor of William” and concentrate on sharing his personality over explaining his plans since he felt that the student body had already heard his ideas and because “[the candidates’] platforms are all very similar.” He was excited about the camaraderie that developed between the three candidates during the race. “It’s not like we’re running against each other anymore; now we’re running with each other,” Thompson-Butler said. “It’s been awesome.” Prior to giving his speech, Adams told friends that he was feeling excited. When he took the floor after Thompson-Butler, he was no longer anxious. “The change is immediate. Once you get up there the nervousness just disappears. It felt good,” he said. Adams began by describing himself and including facts that “everyone should know,” including his astrological sign. He quickly moved on to address his platform and explain how his previous activities and personality would contribute to the character of a strong president. “I’m extremely well prepared,” he said. “When I buy crayons, I buy the hundred pack.” Adams said writing his speech was the most difficult part of the campaigning process. “You want to please the audience and also convey who you are as best as you can.” Adams said he wanted to run for Student Council President to continue his involvement with student life. Adams is currently an Upper Representative, a tour guide and a member of the Student Activities and Pot Pourri Boards. “It made sense to run,” he said. Dai was the final candidate to speak. After thanking running mates Thompson-Butler and Adams, he divulged personal facts in order to prove his dedication to the goal of “an honest presidency with no secrets.” After discussing Gilmore Girls, beard troubles and cross dressing, Dai stressed the importance of havingthe student body involved with Student Council. He said he wants to create a Student Council bulletin board in Uncommons, similar to the “Fishing for Feedback” system. Although he was nervous before taking the stage, Dai said he felt that he was “as ready as [he] was going to be, and felt encouraged by cheers from the student body.” In his speech, Dai wanted to convey his plans for Student Council to the student body rather than focus on an illustration of his character. “I’m stressing action and getting things done quickly and efficiently,” he said. Prior to the discovering the election results, the candidates decided that everyone would play an active role in Student Council. Thompson-Butler said, “Teddy and Jon have big feet and are leaving very large shoes to fill.” They plan on continuing the legacy of this year’s Student Council. Dai looks forward to working on Student Council projects with Thompson-Butler and Adams. “My victory was when I made the top three,” he said. “I just wanted to be involved.” Adams said he was in the library when he found out about the election results and became speechless at first. “It was kind of crazy. I freaked out … Mike McDonagh [’09] raised me on his shoulders, and people were really excited.” After hearing the results, Adams returned to his dorm, Taylor Hall, to discover his dormmates had bought him a cake reading “Congratulations, Malin,” and poured sparkling apple cider on him. “This whole thing has been the best experience I could have hoped for,” he said. According to Adams, the three candidates called each other after hearing the election results. Collins said he is “very comfortable turning [Student Council] over to them … They are three terrific candidates with tremendous potential and chemistry.” The newly elected triumvirate pledged to continue Student Council’s work on the one-card system, online sign-in, day student parking, increasing access to wireless internet, talking with the administration about extending Friday night sign-in and providing students with bandwidth monitors.