Depth Fortifies Strong B1 Boat; Andover Seeks Team Trophy

Last year’s exciting season for boys crew culminated in a team trophy championship at the 2007 New England Interschols. The first boat (B1) came in first, the second boat (B2) came in third, and the third boat (B3) came in second. This year “promises to be even better,” said Captain Chip Schroeder ’08, who stated that “winning is the plan.” Winning gold medals for every boat is “always the goal,” said Schroeder ’08, and this year the boys are striving for first place finishes. Andover is already developing team strength, as the top boats came back from spring break three days early to begin pre-season training. As an added bonus to winning Interschols, Andover has developed a recent tradition of sending the top boat to the Henley Royal Regatta in England. B1 traveled to England to compete in 2006. Although the varsity line-ups have not been completely set yet, the depth of the program appears to be strong. Andover realizes that it cannot count on just its top few rowers to carry the team. “Crew is very much a team sport,” Schroeder ’08 said, and “the last person to win the seat race and make B1 is just as important as everyone else.” As a testimony to its fantastic depth last season, Andover Boys Crew won the team trophy at Interschols for medaling all three boats. The varsity boats also received the Dent Oars after defeating Kent in a key rivalry race. Andover is motivated to retain both the team trophy and the Dent Oars this season. There are still questions over who will make the varsity boats and what the seating will be heading into the opening race. Matt Lawlor ’10 said, “If the boats are set yet, they haven’t told us.” This year bodes well for the top boats, as there are smaller discrepancies between the 2k times of the elite group of Andover rowers than in years past. With the first race against Kent approaching next weekend, the boys are beginning to settle in to the spring program with its focus on racing. Andover is prepared for a season of hard work, with the ultimate goal of three gold medals at the New England Rowing Interscholastic Association (NEIRA) championships.