What Would Richard Gelb Think?

This Saturday the Gelb Science Center will be transformed from its usual academic state into a set for three themed dances. This new and unusual location will be an exciting change for students bored with the repetitive Underwood dances. The dances, which will be spread across the floors of Gelb, will be based on the themes of the 70’s, technofunk and hip-hop. Cindy Efinger, Director of Student Activities has provided the students with an amazing set up in this surprising location with the assistance of Patricia Russell, Head of the Division of Natural Sciences. I will be DJing the Technofunk dance, but I predict that all three of the dances will be phenomenal. Students will be allowed to wander the floors as they please, visiting each dance individually. These differentiated dances will give everyone a chance to expand the variety of music they normally choose to listen to. Almost every dance at Andover plays exclusively hip-hop or rap, and it will be a nice change to have these other two genres of music available as well. Although these hip-hop dances are popular, some people might want to get a taste of another dance experience. The top floor of Gelb will be occupied by the hip-hop dance. The second floor will host the Technofunk dance, and I can promise that people who like awesome beats and a good workout will love this dance. The playlists are flexible, and all three DJ’s are still taking suggestions. Finally, the groovy 70’s dance will occupy the first floor of Gelb. This dance will bring you back to an age where neon was hip and beats were funky. I am very excited to be a part of this new dance experiment, and I hope it will give students an opportunity to broaden their horizons. I’m sure that Gelb will be more alive than ever before.