Writers’ Strike Ends

After a long three months, the Writers Guild of America’s strike came to an end last week, the Writers’ Guild announced in a press release. This means that all of the movies you were looking forward to seeing are back in production and soon all of your favorite television shows will be back on the air. The Guild finally came to an agreement with production companies on February 12, 2008, the Guild stated. The most notable result of the strike is that now, writers who produce material for the web and other technology will be paid for their services. Writers can expect to receive about one thousand dollars if their show can be viewed online. For the movie industry, this means that they will resume production shortly and that most of the upcoming films will be released as planned. The television industry suffered the most from the strike and days after it ended, many popular shows quickly began production in order to produce enough episodes to finish currently interrupted seasons. Although no new episodes are expected to appear until late March, most of the shows are on the reruns. NBC hits “The Office” and “30 Rock” will both return with fresh episodes on April 10, and plan to produce around five new episodes to finish off their seasons. While new storylines of “The Office” are not known at this time, “30 Rock” plot twists include Jack Donaghy, played by Alec Baldwin, being called to serve his country. The new CW cult hit “Gossip Girl” will likely return in early April with six more episodes. Producers are even considering airing episodes throughout the summer in order to complete this season story arc. Unlike many shows, NBC’s “Heroes” will not be returning in the spring, according to E!. Instead, producers plan to resume production in late April and will begin a new season in the fall. Producers will consider extending next year’s season to compensate for this year’s brief run. Next season’s plot will continue with its current crisis, the virus threatening to kill off 93 percent of the world’s population, but will also focus on the rise of more super villains. For now, it looks like the show’s spin-off “Heroes: Origins” is on hold and plot is being reconsidered. Despite its inconvenience, the writers’ strike did bring about one improvement—better reality shows. “American Idol” is having one of its strongest seasons because of the absence of other shows. The new physically challenging competition, “American Gladiator,” and the lie detector game show “The Moment of Truth” lured in enough viewers to bring both back for a second season.