Dunn Honored With Hall Of Fame Induction

Assistant Phillips Academy Wrestling and Football Coach Chip Dunn will be officially inducted this Saturday into the Massachusetts Wrestling Hall of Fame. Dunn, 54, who has spent twenty-one years coaching football, wrestling, and baseball at Haverhill High School, stepped down from their wrestling program this year, finishing his career there with a 258-177-6 record. In addition to his work with the Haverhill wrestling program, Dunn has coached Andover Football for more than fifteen years. Known as “Eyes in the Sky,” Dunn spends much of his time during football season sitting in the tower over Phelps Stadium, observing the wide receivers and defensive backs in order to improve team strategy. The Phillips Academy Wrestling staff has known about legendary Coach Dunn for a long time and invited him to hold multiple clinics for wrestlers in the past. Since Dunn stepped down from the Haverhill head position, he has volunteered his time with the Andover program. “Dunn has generously donated his time, and it has made a difference,” said Andover Assistant Coach Efinger. With the invaluable addition of Dunn to the squad, there are now five strong coaches on board, four of whom have more than twenty-five years of coaching experience. Efinger notes and values Dunn’s individuality, saying, “He has a unique style of finishing certain moves.” Dunn’s experience with the public school league has allowed him to introduce new styles at Andover. The Andover wrestlers have been training and preparing for the season since the beginning of the year, and Dunn’s contribution at this time is welcome. Efinger adds, “You bring Dunn’s expertise, combined with our wealth of coaching talent, and all these factors depend on each other to make the stool stand up straight.” Andover Wrestling Co-Captains Hector Cintron ’08 and Shaun Stuer ’09 both express admiration and esteem for Coach Dunn. According to Cintron, Dunn is knowledgeable, and the team all benefits tremendously from his experience. Cintron explained that there was a kind of rift between the wrestlers and Dunn at the beginning of the season, because he was a relatively new face and came from the public school athletic atmosphere. “He is tough, but he has definitely grown on us and we have learned to adapt to his style,” elaborated Cintron. As the weeks progressed, the wrestlers have gained increasing respect for him. Cintron added, “He is a simple guy, and very approachable. He tells you how to improve; he tells you how it is. He doesn’t sugar-coat anything.” Cintron believes this attitude of Dunn’s is exactly what is needed in wrestling: “Wrestling isn’t a conversation; you can’t think about it- it’s just natural,” he concluded. Stuer praises Dunn, saying, “Coach Dunn is a technician; he really knows wrestling better than any one I have been coached by.” He also sees Dunn as a motivator. Stuer, who is also on the Varsity Football team in the fall, has seen another side of Dunn. During football season, Stuer says, “he is joking and easy-going,” but at wrestling practice, “he is intense.” He concludes, “The main reason we have been so successful this year is due to Coach Dunn.” Stuer congratulates Dunn wholeheartedly on his award: “He definitely deserves this recognition more than anyone I know. He is a great guy, and everyone speaks highly of him.” Andover covets Dunn as a experienced motivator and coach, and hopes to keep him in its athletic program for years to come.