Levy ’09 Upsets Geograbee Ex-Champ Chandra ’10; Jin ’09 Takes Second

Stephen Levy ’09 emerged as the winner of the Geograbee on Tuesday night, when the final contestants from each cluster and a day student representative battled over geography trivia in Uncommons. This year’s Geograbee featured two familiar faces. Last year’s champion and nationally ranked competitor Krishnan Chandra ’10 was the day student representative. Another recognizable face was Ben Elder ’09 of PKN, who has been the runner-up for the past two years. However, this year’s competition included four new candidates: Levy of Flagstaff, who is also nationally ranked, Kwon-Yong Jin ’09 of West Quad North, Foster Jebsen ’08 of West Quad South and Maura Tousignant ’08 of Abbot. Elder answered moderator and Chair of the History Department Peter Drench’s first question of the night without hesitation. However, despite his best efforts, Elder could not maintain his tentative lead. A relative newcomer, Levy shocked the crowd with an impressive victory. Levy took home the $100 prize after maintaining a lead throughout the contest. When asked what he would do with the money, Levy said he would use it to “recoup losses from Valentine’s Day.” Chandra said, “Steven had an unbelievable night and a knack for being able to predict questions before [Drench] finished asking.” Levy said, “I knew Krishnan was really smart. He probably knows more flat-out geography than I do. But I discovered I had a quicker trigger finger.” Following Levy by 18 points, runner-up Jin won $50. Chandra and Elder then went on to duel for third place in double overtime. The crowd favorite, Chandra began the night slowly, answering his first question after a long hesitation. Despite the slow start, Chandra quickly gained momentum by answering the next three out of five questions. Neck and neck with Chandra, Elder answered the last question of the regular round to tie for third place. Splitting the first overtime with two questions each, Elder and Chandra remained locked in a stalemate. During the second overtime, Chandra managed to pull away from his competitor. Winning by one question, former champion Chandra took third place and a $25 consolation prize. On his duel with Chandra, Elder said, “I should have answered more questions. And … the disco ball was shining in my eyes the whole time.” Tousignant, another strong candidate, put up a good fight, closely trailing Chandra and Elder. The final tally of the night counted Levy with a score of 31, Kwon-Yong with 13, Chandra with 12 (including the tiebreaker win), Elder with 12, Tousignant with 11, and Jebsen with negative two. As winner of the 2008 Geograbee, Stephen Levy’s name will be carved into PA’s world map, next to past winners such as Andi Zhou ’09 and Chandra.