What To Watch

Must Watch: Lost ABC Thursdays 9 p.m. After last May’s gripping finale, season four of the hit show “Lost” kicked off with an intense start. The season began with a flash forward of Hurley reacting to something he sees in a convenience store. A detective tries to figure out who or what he saw that made him react so drastically, but Hurley denies seeing anything. Back at the island, Kate breaks the news to the other “Losties” that Naomi is dead. Meanwhile, Jack attacks Locke and is ready to finish him off, but the gun he fires is not loaded. Locke tells the furious Jack that they all need to get as far away as possible before the rescue freighter arrives. Jack ignores Locke’s claim, but Hurley reminds them that punk-rocker Charlie’s last words were that the freighter people are not who they appear to be. In the end, each survivor makes a choice about whether to wait with Jack or to go the barracks with Locke. Thus begins the epic that will be season four. The season promises to be full of flash backs and forwards that pose new questions as to what is really happening on the island. With only two seasons of the show left, “Lost” will keep you hooked episode after episode until the very end. If You Have Time: The 50th Annual Grammy Awards CBS Sunday (2/10) 8 p.m. How will this phenomenal year of music end? Will Kanye West overcome Amy Winehouse for Album of the Year? Can Rihanna’s “Umbrella” stop Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats” from winning Song of the Year? In my opinion, Kanye and Rihanna will sweep the board due to the fact that their albums have the most variety in song type. No matter what happens though, the host, Fergie, will definitely be entertaining. After her breakout year, this should provide a good douse of publicity for the upcoming pop sensation. Performances by Beyoncé, Carrie Underwood, and the Foo Fighters are sure to rock the house. The Writers Guild of America has also decided not to picket this award ceremony, so the show will still go on! For a complete list of the nominations and other news, visit What to Skip: Deal or No Deal NBC Mondays 9:30 p.m. You know television has hit a low point when the most popular game show on requires no skill or deep thought at all. The show swept the nation last year with it infamous beautiful women and silver briefcases. Over the past year, the show had celebrity guests like Oprah and Donald Trump and has had specials based on Thanksgiving and Christmas. The object of the game is so incredibly simple; just pick the brief cases with low amounts of money in them so you can win larger sums, but, as always, it is easier said than done. What makes this show appealing is the “prospect” that the contestants might actually win one million dollars. Will they ever? Probably not. After complaints that the game was too hard to win, the producers came up with the idea of having two, three, and most recently, ten cases with one million dollar prizes in them. Maybe with the increased odds, someone will finally win something worth getting excited about.