Board CXXX Bids Farewell to the Newsroom

It’s that time of the year again – seemingly the entire student body is bedridden in Isham, worried about midterm grades and eagerly anticipating the arrival of the new Phillipian board. This issue is Board CXXX’s 29th and Board CXXXI’s first. Outgoing Editor in Chief James Sawabini ’08, who will be replaced by former Commentary Associate Cora Lewis ’09, seems optimistic about the next board. “I’m not worried at all – publicly,” Sawabini said. “I’m trying not to think about the fact that the paper will be out of my hands in two weeks.” The paper will also be out of the hands of Sawabini’s top deputies Executive Editor Thomas Smyth ’08, Managing Editor Steve Bartz ’08 and News Director Katherine Chen ’08, all of whom will have to find new hobbies to fill their spare time. Former News Associate Zoe Weinberg ’09 will assume Smyth’s duties while former Commentary Associate Annalee Leggett ’09 will take Bartz’s position. Former News Associate Jack Dickey ’09 will take over for Chen. “I feel lost,” Smyth said. “It’s like being new [at PA] all over again.” Smyth said he was unsure of how he would use his time after he retired from The Phillipian. “My sleep cycles are never going to get back to normal,” he said, sipping fresh coffee shortly before midnight on Tuesday. “I’ll put my feet up for a little, but I want to talk about race and class at Andover – provide some moral education,” Smyth said. Despite the bittersweet emotions that come with the turnover, Sawabini was proud of CXXX’s work. “Commencement – that was ridiculous. So was the first issue of Fall Term,” he said. “We had no conception at all then that we had broken a precedent,” the outgoing Editor in Chief said. Outside of Upper Management, all other positions on the business and editorial boards are turning over as well. News Editors Elinor Garcia-Garcia ’08 and Conor McKinnon ’08 will be replaced by Christine Choi ’09 and Alicia Keyes ’09 on Board CXXXI. Emma Goldstein ’09 will take over for Madeleine O’Connor ’08 as In-Depth Editor in the section’s second year, while former In-Depth Associate Sudhandra Sundaram ’09 will assume the role of Senior Associate. Said O’Connor, “I’m confident that Emma and Sudhandra will work together to successfully succeed me. I look forward to seeing the In-Depth sections they create.” CXXX Commentary Editors Adam Giansiracusa ’08 and Kate Iannarone ’08 will be replaced by new Commentary Editor Harrison Hart ’09, while Anabel Bacon ’09 will take over for Philip Meyer ’08 as Commentary Senior Associate. Danica Mitchell ’09 will take over for Matt Sternberg ’08 as Cartooning Director. Alex Cope ’09 will serve as Senior Associate. Former Arts Associates Charlie Dong ’09 and Nette Oot ’09 will replace Lisa Lian ’08 and Megan Richards ’08 as Arts editors. Arts’ resident movie critic, Scott Dzialo ’09, will serve as a Senior Associate on CXXXI. Sports editors Jen Downing ’08, Sara Ho ’08 and J.R. Santaniello ’08 will turn over their positions to former Sports Associates Matt Gorski ’09, Mai Kristofferson ’09 and Jim Ricker ’09. Abby Levene ’09 will assume the position of Sports Coordinator, replacing that of Senior Associate Chad Hollis ’08. Features’ one-man show will come to an end with Board CXXXI, as Jon Adler ’08 will be replaced by Lawrence Dai ’09, flanked by Senior Associate Eli Grober ’09. “I see Jon Adler as a father figure without facial hair,” Dai said, in between bites of cake being consumed without an eating utensil. New positions are also appearing in the turnover – former Copy Editor Erica Segall ’09 will become Director of Writing and Copy, while former Deputy Director of Photography Mike Discenza ’09 will serve as Director of Production. Sarah Sheu ’09 will be Director of Photography. On the business and technology section of the board, Berol Dewdney ’09 will serve as Business Manager while Britt Peltz ’09 will take over for Tantum Collins ’08 as Advertising Director. Carl Jackson ’09 will manage The Phillipian Online. In Circulation, Delivery and Publicity, CXXXI will also inaugurate new faces. Emerson Stoldt ’09 will be in charge as Head of Circulation and Publicity, while Eddie Zhang ’09 will work in Publicity and Arun Saigal ’09, Jacob Shack ’10 and Patricia Yen ’09 will work in Circulation. Joey Atiba ’09 is the new Director of Delivery.